Nepal road network reaches to 25,387 km. [Road Network in Nepal]

Nepal's road network has been expanded to 25,387 km, as of first four months of FY 2013/14. According to the Department of Road (DoR), Nepal has 10,764 km. of the entire road is blacktopped, where as 6,067 km. is graveled road. Rest of the distance is of earth roads. 

According to the data given by DoR, almost 122 km. new road has been expanded in first four months of fiscal year 2013/14. Government has aimed to expand 871 km. road in this fiscal year. 

Nepal has road connection to 73 district headquarters out of 75. DoR has target to get connected with Dunai, district headquarter of Dolpa district within next fiscal year. However, there is no plan to connect to Simikot, districts headquarter of Humla. However, China has already started constructing road to connect to Simikot.

Likewise, Nepal has 1,609 bridges in different parts of roads between 25,387 km. long road network. Government has planned to construct 95 bridges in current fiscal year; however, it's null till the end of first four month. 

In last year, DoR had expanded 1027 km. new road with upgrading 757 km. to blacktop and 270 km. to gravel road. 


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