साताको चर्चा

मेरो कार्यालयमा यो साता एउटा कुराले निकै चर्चा पायो। भ्यालेण्टाइन डेको सन्दर्भ पनि थियो। चर्चा थियो– कृष्णहरि बरालले लेख्नुभएको एउटा गजल। यो गजलमा देशको चिन्ता र मायालाई राम्रैसँग जोड्ने प्रयास भएको छ। पहिलो नेपाली तारा दीपक लिम्वूले गाउनुभएको र गैरे सुरेशले संगीत गर्नुभएको यो रचना यहाँ राखिएको छ। यसबाट पनि अझ स्पष्ट होला।

यहाँ देशको छ चिन्ता, तिमी माया माया भन्छ्यौ
साँच्चै नबुझ्ने हौ की, नबुझ्ने जस्तै बन्छ्यौ

तिम्रै सुरक्षा गर्न गाह्रो छ यहाँ मलाइ
तिमी धर्ती छोडी माथि आकाशका तारा गन्छ्यौ
साँच्चै नबुझ्ने हौ की, नबुझ्ने जस्तै बन्छ्यौ

भोलिका सन्ततीको आधार खोज्दैछु म
आधार नै हराए तिमी कहाँ रहन्छ्यौ
साँच्चै नबुझ्ने हौ की, नबुझ्ने जस्तै बन्छ्यौ

Application for the post in your vacant heart

Date: 14th February, 2008

To My Beloved
Subject: Application for the post in your vacant heart
Sweetheart … … … …,
According to some of my reliable sources, I came to know that there is a vacancy for the post in the central core of your heart and I would like apply for the same.
I'm not as handsome as Brand Pitt. And not as popular as Paul Mccarthy. I even don't have blue eyes like Hritiq Roshan, but above all, I've a soft and creamy heart which only knows to express these words for you, "I love you".
As for my experience I've loved you since my embryonic stage. You are not only my heart, but all the pacemaker of my heart . I love you, do care from all the four chambers of my heart. When I see you or hear your voice, my voluntary and in voluntary muscles get relaxed, specially my cilliary and cardiac muscles. We are like the symbiotic association between algae and fungi because we both need each other and cannot survive without each other. Our love is the perfect example of the third law of Newton. You act as a catalyst in my life. Little bit of your voice, your sight, and your love and happiness in my life. You are a beautiful phenotype with a perfect genotype.
I know I can bring stars from heaven to you. But if you ask for it, then I wouldn't because I've a great fear of losing you while I'm on my way. I can die for you but if you ask me to die, then I will not because if I die then who will love you?
I hope all my experiences and qualifications will be enough to achieve the post. I'm the right and most qualified person to hold that post. I assure you that I will do my best to satisfy all you expectations.
I look forward to hearing soon from you.
Sincerely your